NCOTA seeks to provide the most up-to-date and relevant information for OT professionals. With this goal, the association has structured a series of special interest sections each devoted to specific areas of practice. All work to help professionals find the information they need about diverse topics within occupational therapy.

Resources & Interest Sections
  • The NCOTA Classifieds - Look no further for the latest career opportunities from across North Caorlina. Continually updated.

  • AOA Representative Assembly - A brief summary of some of the 34 actions taken by the AOTA Representative Assembly (RA) at its February and April 2009 online meeting.

  • Administration & Management SIS - Designed for professionals working in managerial, leadership and administrative roles within OT.

  • Pediatric/Developmental Delay SIS - Geared towards OTs and OTAs working with young children who present special care needs.

  • Gerontology SIS - For professionals working with senior and geriatric populations.

  • Home & Community Health SIS - Resources that focus on the special and unique needs for those serving patients in the home and community setting.

  • Mental Health SIS - Coverage and approaches for addressing occupational mental health issues.

  • Physical Disabilities SIS - Information and clinical resources for those caring for adults with physical disabilities.

  • Technology SIS - Information and resources for practitioners serving patients with assistive technology needs.

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