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New Therapies in the School Online Conference

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Marci Duffy

Education Resources, Inc.

[email protected] 

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Online Course

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Online Course

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Recorded live from 2017 Therapies in the School Conference. This course focuses on the latest advances in school based practice for therapists. It covers aligning motor needs with educational needs, and how to improve executive function in children who are receiving therapy services in the school setting. How primitive reflexes can be relevant to school-based practice, as well as strategies to integrate these primitive reflexes are discussed. Using evidence to help guide decisions on goals, dosage, and frequency are covered for motor needs in children with autism. Four Dynamic Online Sessions: Aligning Strategies to Support Motor Needs with Curriculum Goals Josephine Bardabelias and Melissa K. Gerber How to Assist Children with Executive Function Dysfunction as a Related Service Provider Jocelynn B. Wallach and Nancy L. Williamson Strategies to Promote Integration of Primitive Reflexes Janine Wiskind Using Evidence to Help Guide Decisions on Goals, Dosage, Frequency, Priorities and Interventions for Motor Issues in Autism Julie Goff and Jennifer A Colebourn