Title of Event:
# 139 Current Surgical and Rehabilitation Trends in the Advances of Joint Arthroplasty for the Shoulder, Hip and Knee

Contact Name:
Scott Boston

Motivations, Inc.

Date(s) of Event:
October 2, 2020

Location / Venue for Event:
Greensboro, NC (Hampton Inn Greensboro Airport)

Summary of Event:
This seminar explains surgery, from traditional to cutting edge techniques, in addition to evidence-based rehab and return to activity guidelines. The World Health Organization has coined the years 2000-2010 the “Bone and Joint Decade.’’ Joint Arthroplasty is expected to double by the year 2020. The rise in joint replacement surgery, coupled with advances in cutting edge surgical techniques such as Computer Assisted Surgery (CAS) and less invasive procedures, has allowed the Orthopedists the ability for precise alignment and sparing of tissue. The questions for us as therapists: Are we educationally ready to provide current and progressive rehabilitation for the rising joint replacement population? Joint replacement surgeries are on the rise and the patient today is quite different than the traditional patient we all learned about in school. With all these precautions and restrictions, the goal is to rehabilitate in order to dress, groom and perform self-care. Today, the “Baby Boomer” joint replacement patient has a much higher expectation of their rehabilitation provider.