Title of Event:
# 213 Visual Rehabilitation & Neuro Handling After a Neurological Incident… Concepts for Function


Contact Name:
Scott Boston

Motivations, Inc.

Date(s) of Event:
May 2-3, 2020

Location / Venue for Event:
Raleigh, NC (WakeMed Health & Hospital)

Summary of Event:
This 2 day course will discuss the concepts of the physical care and evidence based principals to create results in clinical interventions for stroke, hemiplegia, brain injury, spasticity and general motor control issues. The course will focus on preception and oculomotor deficit remediation and compensation after a neurological event.Hemiparesis handling made easy with a focus on the core in lab work. Lecture information will cover spasticity, UE/LE treatment, and pusher strategies. Lab work will cover facilitations, stretching, a technology lab for neuro rehabilitation function analysis, and midline shift dysfunction (pusher). Functional applications of improvement and carryover of care will be addressed as well as documentation to advocate for a client. The Vision Rehabilitation lab portions will cover ocular motor, visual field, and neglect testing. Functional treatment interventions will be discussed for each of the impairments. Occupational and physical therapists and assistants will find this course to be heavily lab based to provide attendees with skills for immediately use for effective strategies in the clinic. Documentation and advocacy for the client with consideration to the payor is also discussed.