Our lobbyist Ashley Perkinson and members of our Board, led by our Legal / Political Affairs Chair Kimberly Godwin, will be organizing advocacy events and activities. These may include group visits to the Legislature Building during active sessions. We will also be asking members to contact their own senators and representatives as issues related to the practice of occupational therapy arise.

Who represents you? Find out and make contact using this link:

In addition, we will be regularly posting alerts and calls for action from our members. There is strength in numbers and in being an informed citizen. Your legislators actually do want to hear from you, and welcome your phone calls and especially face to face visits. 

Advocacy Day 2018

When: June 5, 2018

Where: Raleigh, NC &Virtual Opportunities available as well

Please RSVP by May 18st on the NCOTA website if attending in person or virtually. 

Trending Topics

  • Expansion of Telehealth Opportunities
  • Salary increase for Occupational Therapy in Public Schools
  • Occupational Therapy with Medicaid transformation
  • Occupational Therapy and the Opioid Crisis


Please consider joining us for Advocacy Day 2018! If you wish to participate in person or virtually, click here



We lobby for you

For many years NCOTA members have supported the need for representation as critical policy decisions are made that affect both the practice of occupational therapy and citizens’ access to care. Other issues include reimbursement pressures and the protection of our Scope of Practice. We also work with our national partners to address these decisions in Washington, DC. While powerful forces are at work and seem beyond our control, it is urgent that we maintain a presence and have our voices heard. It does make a difference.