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This SIS is designed for professionals working in managerial, leadership and administrative roles within OT, as well as practitioners in private practice.  Occupational Therapists and Occupational Therapy Assistants who are employed in administrative and management positions within their organizations are often faced with unique challenges. This Special Interest Section provides a forum for networking and contacting other therapists who work in similar settings. Together we have the opportunity for brainstorming and problem-solving that strengthen our roles as leaders in the field of Occupational therapy and within our administrative roles. The following information and resources are for those who seek information related to administrative and management topics which may include recruitment, retention, time management, professional development, advocacy and reimbursement.


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    • A Mindful Path to Leadership Series Module 1: Exploring Your Leadership Journey

Description: Earners of the Path to Leadership-Level I badge have undergone a process of leadership exploration,                identification of core values, purpose, and personal mission, that lead to authentic and trusting relationships.  Earners have a personal trajectory toward their preferred future and have leadership skills across six dimensions of intelligence to build capacity, have positive relationships, resolve conflicts and develop trust.  Earners understand mentoring relationships and strategies for dealing with mentoring challenges.4.25 total contact hours or .2 CEUs required for badge. Link

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Opportunities for Volunteering is a terrific way to maximize your AOTA membership, share perspectives, enhance your networks, and grow your career.  Link

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