Welcome to the NCOTA Technology Special Interest Section!

Technology is an integral part of our daily life and it spans across the lifespan reaching different settings and occupations. Whether it is low or high tech, the incorporation of technology enables OT/OTA practitioners to provide support for our clients to reach their goals.


We want to create an environment that supports a client’s independence through the application of technology. A member of the Technology SIS group aims to explore technology options and advancements, share ideas and best practices for supporting technology acceptance and use, and celebrate new ideas and advancement in our ever-changing environment. 


The Student Adaptive/Assistive Technology Design Competition occurs at the Fall Conference every year where current OT/OTA students create a new adaptive device/technology and compete for a cash prize. This highly anticipated event supports our creative profession’s role in identifying opportunities for technology use and creating solutions that can improve occupational performance and quality of life. When the Fall Conference is announced, details for the student tech competition will follow.  Please send any inquiries of the event to the email below.



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