Outreach Subcommittee

The work of this subcommittee focuses on education about and promotion of OT in community venues such as schools, health, recreational, and human services organizations, etc., particularly for rural, underserved, low-income, and minoritized populations.

Current Initiatives

The DEI brainstorming sessions held at the NCOTA Fall Conference (2021) led to a robust list of activities to pursue in each sub-committee area. Among those identified for the Outreach Subcommittee are:

  • Beginning development of a mentor program to match current OT and OTA practitioners with individuals of any age who are interested in learning more about or entering the field of OT. Priority will be given to individuals from populations that are under-represented in our profession.
  • Identifying and attending community events such as health fairs, career fairs, etc. with materials and information about OT. Focusing on this in minoritized or underserved (e.g., rural) areas allows us to educate people broadly about OT as well as present OT as a potential career option.

Resources for outreach activities