NCOTA has a history of positive impacts through advocacy opportunities. Advocacy events are held often such as group meetings to the legislative buildings to meet legislature as well as our annual Advocacy Day in which there are virtual as well as in-person opportunities. Each member that goes to advocacy day or participates in other advocacy opportunities meet our lobbyist, Ashley Perkinson as well as legal/political chair for NCOTA, Kimberly Godwin. The active involvement of our lobbyist is helpful for expanding our members knowledge and empowering passion for Advocacy in Occupational Therapy.


  • Sponsored Interprofessional Mental Health Legislative Breakfast for the 2nd year to connect OT as a behavioral health discipline
  • Sponsored i2i Interdisciplinary conference to connect NCOTA and OT with behavioral health partners
  • Delayed telehealth sunset for OT and PT through testimonials, media interview, and high-level conversations with DHHS and NCOTA lobbyist
  • Lobbied to include OT in the NC Choice of Provider law in 2017
  • Partnered with DHHS to pilot OT on a complex care program aimed at supporting clients with mental illness with living as independently as possible. This pilot program will create 14 new OT and OTA positions in community mental health!
  • Passage of the OT Interstate Compact in 2021 Long Session of the General Assembly-one of the first 10 states to achieve this!
  • Advocated for inclusion of OT on the Transitions to Community Living Initiative (TCLI), helping to bring back community mental health OT to NC.