In-reach Subcommittee

The work of this subcommittee targets OT/OTA practitioners, aiming to provide opportunities for practitioners to learn about and reflect upon the historical, social, economic, educational, and political systems that have created and sustained significant health disparities for minoritized populations, and limited the diversity in health professions. This includes explicit attention to anti-racist actions and the role of OT in addressing issues of social justice.

Current Initiatives

The DEI brainstorming sessions held at the NCOTA Fall Conference (2021) led to a robust list of activities to pursue in each sub-committee area. Among those identified for the In-Reach Subcommittee are:

  • Scheduling a panel of practitioners who identify with one or more minoritized populations to speak at the NCOTA Fall 2022 conference about their intersectional identities, their experiences in the field and their thoughts about nurturing a sense of belonging for all.
  • Creating materials and resources on microaggression – what it is, its impact, and how to have difficult conversations about it.


Resources for independent learning