Welcome to the Mental Health Special Interest Section!


Our SIS wants to serve OT practitioners currently working in mental health settings, those who address mental health in non-mental-health settings, and those who wish to begin practicing in mental health.

In 2016, our SIS created an advocacy group called NC Occupational Therapy Alliance for Mental Health Promotion, or NCOTAMHP. Since that time we have worked together on goals of increasing the presence of occupational therapy in community mental health settings. If you are interested in participating in our advocacy group, please email at [email protected] or join our Facebook group: NC OT Alliance for Mental Health Promotion

Advocacy info: please see our NCOTAMHP Newcomers’ Guide for more information on our advocacy efforts, including information on QP status for OTs and OTAs, our efforts with the Transitions to Community Living Initiative, Medicaid Transformation, and more!

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Contact: [email protected]

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