Educational Program Subcommittee

The work of this subcommittee is focused on provision of resources and other supports for OT/OTA educational programs to recruit and admit larger numbers of students from rural, low-income, and minoritized populations, to integrate curriculum content related to social justice, equity, and diversity, and to create inclusive and welcoming learning and teaching environments.

Current Initiatives

The DEI brainstorming sessions held at the NCOTA Fall Conference (2021) led to a robust list of activities to pursue in each sub-committee area. Among those identified for the Educational Program Subcommittee are:

  • Creation of a resource folder of materials for open use by OT and OTA educational programs. The folder will include items such as diversity statements for course syllabi, class activities, social justice content, inclusive teaching methods, and diverse case study examples.

Resources for curriculum enhancement, research initiatives, admission & recruitment.