Welcome to the Physical Disabilities Special Interest Section!


The Physical Disabilities Special Interest Section (SIS) seeks to provide North Carolina Occupational Therapy (OT) Practitioners and students with a variety of opportunities for collaboration, mentorship, and sharing of resources. North Carolina has talented and passionate OT practitioners that serve adults with physical disabilities including but not limited to progressive neurological disorders, chronic orthopedic conditions, acute neurological and orthopedic injuries, cognitive deficits, etc. With the onset and/or continuation of an illness, injury or disability, OT practitioners are given the opportunity to aid in adaptation and modifications, showcasing and discovering abilities of the clients, and incorporating meaningful occupations to facilitate the best quality of life possible.

Our aim is that the Physical Disabilities SIS is a centralized location to collaborate, network, and mentor fellow practitioners in order to best serve our patient populations.

Within Physical Disability Rehabilitation, there are many specialties in which OT practitioners can be involved. Below are some examples of specialty areas:

  • Driving Rehabilitation
  • Functional Capacity Evaluations
  • Low Vision
  • Hand Rehabilitation


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