NCOTA created our first strategic plan in 2021. The purpose of the NCOTA Strategic Plan is to guide NCOTA leadership in a strategic way towards goal attainment and to ensure the organization is progressing towards our mission and vision. This plan is a flexible, living document that changes based on organizational and stakeholder needs to ensure NCOTA is responsive to the needs of our community.

Within this plan, we have outlined our mission, vision, and core values


Our mission is to promote the continued and competent practice of occupational therapy; to impact health care, legislative, and reimbursement communities as advocates for the consumer and the profession; and to be responsive to the needs of the membership by promoting professional education, communication, and monitoring trends in health care and in the community that affects the practice of occupational therapy.


Our vision for NCOTA is to become a robust, diverse, and proactive organization capable of effectively supporting OT practitioners in NC to be leaders in the healthcare field and work to improve the lives of clients they serve.

Core Values:

                Education and Advocacy

                Diversity and Inclusion

                Accessibility and Transparency            


                Best Practice

Strategic Plan