Advocacy can feel intimidating! But advocacy does not always have to be a large, organized event or take significant time. Small advocacy endeavors (‘pebbles’) can make large-scale ripples that drastically shape our profession and the work we are able to do.


Some examples of ways you can advocate for OT:

  • Attend our annual advocacy day at the state capitol
  • Send an email to your legislator and tell them about occupational therapy
  • Email an event coordinator or group facilitator when you notice OT has been left out of a relevant training, conference, or webinar. Educate them about OT and ask to be included
  • Speak up in team meetings-openly share your clinical reasoning and make your voice heard
  • Clearly document your clinical reasoning in your notes, even if you feel no one is reading them
  • Present at interdisciplinary conferences
  • Make cool Tiktok videos on your facebook page about how awesome OT is
  • Decorate your nametag to ensure everyone knows you are an OT or OTA
  • Set up a meeting with your local insurance provider and ask their ideas about OT coverage and innovative clinical services OT could join
  • Wear a jazzy OT shirt
  • Update your signature line to say “Advocate for OT” or “OT improves quality of life”
  • Complete your Doctoral capstone with NCOTA


To help you become the best advocate you can be, we’ve created an advocacy toolkit: Advocacy Toolkit