Welcome to NCOTA’s Special Interest Sections (SIS)


Special Interest Section Mission Statement

NCOTA seeks to provide the most up-to-date and relevant information for OT professionals. With this goal, the association has structured a series of special interest sections each devoted to specific areas of practice. All work to help professionals find the information they need about diverse topics within occupational therapy. 

Special Interest Section Purpose


The purpose of Special Interest Sections shall be to: a) promote knowledge in specific areas of occupational therapy practice; b) promote continuing education within each special interest section; and c) promote communication between interested occupational therapy practitioners within the Special Interest Section.


NCOTA Special Interest Sections

-          Administration and Leadership

-          Children and Youth

-          Education and Research

-          Gerontology

-          Home Health

-          Mental Health

-          Physical Disabilities

-          Technology



** Refer to the tabs for each Special Interest Section to learn more about each section. **